Lymphatic Drainage: the self-care trend to strengthen your health. - icoone

Discover how to reinforce your immune system with the icoone physiological stimulation.

Some health conditions can cause lymph fluids to build up and suppress your immune health. Lymphatic drainage massages are then needed to help decongest this blockage, improving our blood circulation and draining the build-up of fluids.

This type of massage is particularly suitable for those who are experiencing:
– Recovery from physical trauma (surgery, injuries, etc..)
– Lymphedema
– Fibromyalgia
– Digestive issues
– Arthritis

Although lymphatic drainage was created as a treatment for health issues, it has also started to become popular for aesthetic purposes.

With icoone treatments, thanks to the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, you can reach a healthy balance between the blood and the lymphatic circulation in order to maintain the body purified. In fact, the lymphatic drainage enhances the lymphatic circulation, thus detoxifying the body and improving the function of the immune system. So, the better our lymphatic system functions, the stronger our immune system is!

Moreover, icoone is able to provide the body with a natural and physiological stimulation, reducing the stress level and fighting all the implications mentioned above.

The results are admittedly impressive and some studies have shown that regular lymphatic drainage can help reduce localized fat and to prevent body inflammation, so whether your goal is to improve your health or your aesthetics blemishes, incorporating periodic lymphatic drainage massage can be the perfect solution to find a balanced self-care regimen.