Inflamed tendons: how to get better with icoone Medical | icoone

Rehabilitation massage with icoone Medical can facilitate healing and reduce the symptoms of tendinopathy

Tendons are like ‘ropes’ stretched between muscles and bones. They are structures of fibrous connective tissue rich in collagen, that allow the movement because thanks to them muscle strength is applied to the bones giving the right stimulus to move them. When the tendons become inflamed, it is necessary to intervene to solve the problem because of the unpleasant symptoms.
Tendinopathy symptoms
When tendinopathy develops, local pain can be very intense and particularly strong when the affected area is being touched or when using the joint making both active and passive movements.
In addition, it is also frequent a decrease in muscles’ strength connected to the inflamed tendons.
The cause is almost always a functional overload, that is, the accumulation of many microtraumas due to several factors:
–        excessive use of the articulations making wrong movements
–        prolonged physical exercise
–        incorrect postures kept for long time
–        wrong movements that are done regularly
–        trauma dictated by acute events that mainly affect elbow, shoulder hand and knee
What is the best cure for a tendinopathy?  
In addition to intervening with the RICE protocol, (acronym for rest, ice, compression and elevation) which indicates how to immediately behave for a tendon injury, it is useful for the healing process, to start with physical rehabilitation with adequate physiotherapy. The pain and motor deficit of the affected joint can in fact be solved with a targeted physiotherapy and a deep massage, reactivating the repair processes.
The range of exercises for tendinopathy varies depending on the area involved, but is always aimed at recovering the elasticity of the tendons and strengthening them to promote the healing.
One of the most effective tendinopathy treatments is the rehabilitation massage of the area of interest: icoone Medical allows to deliver a two-hand treatment completely painless, relaxing and gentle as a manual massage but with the effectiveness of the technology.
Thanks to the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, icoone performs up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute, penetrating deep into the connective tissue, improving microcirculation and helping to promote reparative processes.
In addition, the icoone Medical treatments have a local decongestant effect that reduce tendon inflammation and, consequently, relieve pain, improving the functionality of the articulation, with fast and long-lasting results!