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i-Tech Industries launches the new icoone Medical range: a line of medical devices to regenerate tissue and ensure aesthetic and functional rehabilitation after general and cancer surgery.
A collaboration is underway with Rome’s IRIS Onlus, always at the forefront when it comes to fighting and preventing cancer.

Medical research is progressing increasingly in step with technological innovation, and almost every healthcare area is concerned with the development of new technologies. Skincare is no exception: i-Tech Industries, the Bologna-based company long specialised in the development of non-invasive connective tissue technologies and treatments, has created a device capable of ensuring aesthetic and functional rehabilitation after general and cancer surgery, as well as treating lymphatic and vascular problems and regenerating scars and burns: icoone Medical is a highly therapeutic tool that exploits the full potential of microstimulation and places it at the service of medicine.

Medical devices for skin tissue rehabilitation

Before surgery, icoone treatments prepare the tissue, draining and softening the skin, while in the post-operative phase they reduce healing time and alleviate pain. Tissue oxygenation reduces the fibrosis caused by surgery and radiation in the treatment of breast cancer, limiting redness, pain and hardening of the skin. Microstimulation enhances the skin’s flexibility and elasticity, thus reducing swelling, with both aesthetic and functional results. Moreover, it also treats lymphatic, vascular and intestinal problems, as well as scars and burns, thus accelerating the regeneration of tissues. But that’s not all: it relieves muscle pain, awakens the nervous system, oxygenates muscle tissue, supports athletic activity, and decongests traumatic and non-traumatic inflammation of the aponeurosis and of the tendons. icoone can also be used to support other treatments or therapies in order to speed up the recovery process, and the customisable settings of the handpieces make it possible to provide patients with customised treatments that effectively target specific problems.

icoone Medical and IrisRoma xleDonne xlaVita Onlus to supports cancer patients

Given the potential of new icoone devices in the field of oncology, i-Tech Industries has signed a collaboration with IrisRoma xleDonne xlaVita Onlus, a nation-wide organisation that sets out to protect the health of women, promoting early diagnosis, the fight against cancer and its prevention. Through this organization, the devices will be supplied to the Clinical Oncology Department of Rome’s Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital. Oncology patients will thus benefit from icoone treatments such as alveolar microstimulation, promoting aesthetic and functional rehabilitation after surgery, the treatment of lymphedema and radiation burns, and any other treatment deemed useful for the patient’s recovery process.