How to preserve your beauty after a baby-bump? - icoone

Thanks to icoone® targeted treatments you can improve the signs of pregnancy on your body

When women become pregnant, the body could be subject to changes: the abdominal laxity and the skin stretches are frequent consequences and these could be influenced by many factors such as age, weight, lifestyle and genetic. To improve the appearance and reduce these issues, individuals can lead a healthful lifestyle, with a balanced diet and moderate exercise after pregnancy and boost the results with nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, such as icoone.

With some targeted icoone treatments you will be able to improve your body shapes and preserve your beauty.

For example,  BIOYOUNG program is particularly indicated for the treatment of stretch marks: with its gentle but effective action, the tissue is re-oxygenated with the consequent improvement of the skin’s appearance. While for abdominal laxity the ideal program is ABDOTON, which works in a specific way in order to restore tone, elasticity and compactness to the tissue.

So, this is our advice to mothers all over the world: treat yourself to moments of relaxation and well-being and you will feel more satisfied and will have more energy to dedicate to your children!