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Discover the targeted icoone programs to improve the appearance of the cellulite

For many individuals, every summer means to follow the same routine: firming creams, diet and different strategies to look better that end up not achieving the desired effect and they find themselves struggling with one of the most hated beauty problems, cellulite. It is estimated that more than 85% of all women from 21 years and older have cellulite, whereas it is not as common in men.

Cellulite has a marked preference for some points of the body: thighs and buttocks are the first targets, but also the arms are often not spared. It forms when deep fatty tissue pushes up against connective tissue.

In addition to unfavorable genetics, anything that worsens blood and lymphatic circulation or increases adipose tissue, which if it is too much “strangles” the blood vessels, favors the appearance of cellulite: sedentary lifestyle, smoking, wrong posture, clothes that are too tight or the long time spent standing for example make the capillaries more fragile, hormonal imbalances can promote water retention, a wrong diet can increase the accumulation of fat in the cells, which then press on the vessels, altering the microcirculation. The first rule is therefore to prevent cellulite by eliminating bad habits that facilitate it from a very young age, with a healthy lifestyle made up of proper nutrition and regular physical activity: aerobic exercise, for example, is a panacea for avoiding excess weight, water retention and poor circulation.

People wish to reduce its appearance for health as well as aesthetic purposes. And which is one of the most effective anti cellulite treatments for that? icoone can certainly be an excellent ally to improve the quality of your skin. In fact, with programs such as “Celldrain”, “Cellfat” and “Silk” we can specifically treat different types of cellulite:

–        Edematous cellulite is the type of cellulite which contributes to lymphatic and venous stasis. In this case, “Celldrain”is the perfect program to drain and re-oxygenate tissues, to improve the lymphatic circulation and to reduce volume;

–        Adipose cellulite is found in several areas of the body and gives an untoned aspect to the skin, “Cellfat” is a specific program aimed to mobilise, drain and remodel the areas of the body with adipose tissue and cellulite.

–        Fibrous cellulite, generally involving thighs, hips and buttocks and in some cases also arms. “Silk” is a specific program that improves the appearance of fibrous cellulite in order to give the skin a more homogeneous appearance and to make it smoother.
So icoone can be the ideal solution against cellulite. But even if you decide to keep your skin as it is don’t worry: just take care of our body and mind and remember that outer beauty is inner beauty made visible.