Are you eager to discover how to boost your business even in this challenging period? - icoone

Let’s find out how two excellence centers in Switzerland and in the Netherlands have increased their turnover thanks to icoone!

The #icooneTalks – Business Series continues and on our fourth appointment we will have the pleasure to host two managers of icoone excellence centers from the Netherlands and from Switzerland who will share some results obtained  with icoone treatments, along with their experience in terms of boosting their business even during this challenging period.  
COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life and forced several practices and centers to slow down their traditional businesses. The implementation of new procedures, protocols and technology represents a great opportunity to stay productive and to be ready for the restart.
The precision and efficiency of Roboderm® technology and specific icoone protocols – such as ImmunoStimulation – represent the perfect contribution to guarantee customer satisfaction all around.

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 16th March, at 4:00 pm (CET)
The event “icoone: the perfect ally to boost your body and business’s health” will be hosted in English by Navid Rasa, Export Manager of  i-Tech Industries, together with:

–         Kristi Riemens, Clinc Manager Bloy Institute in the Netherlands
–         Alina Weiss, Owner Timeless Beauty Praxis in Switzerland

If you own a center, SPA or clinic or you would like to differentiate your business, don’t miss the chance to discover these two successful case studies!

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The event will also stream LIVE on our Facebook page @icooneww… stay tuned and “see you” there!