Skin tightening before and after, also with laser: visible results of icoone treatments - icoone

Before and after a toning treatment: the visible results of icoone

A firmer and more toned skin, in which the signs of time are less visible: as the years go by sagging skin appears on the body, but thanks to specific treatments with icoone it is possible to tone it in a few 30-40-minute sessions.

And if the skin is sufficiently ‘robust’, using the icoone handpiece that combines microstimulation with LED and Laser light sources further enhances the effect on skin cells and fibres. 

The skin is visibly more compact and toned, after the cycle of treatments with icoone, and in some cases this also allows to reshape the areas involved and lose a few inches. Stretch marks and wrinkles are also drastically reduced thanks to the improvement of the skin structure possible with the micromassage of icoone.


Man, 42 years old
Goal: firm the tissues and reduce stretch marks
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 30 min
Frequency: 2 times a week


Woman, 55 years old
Goal: tone the knees
No. of treatments: 7
Duration: 40 min
Frequency: 2 times a week
Results: – 2 cm

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