Business support

icoone® offers qualified customer service to provide pre and after sales information and assistance. It also offers many tools and resources to form, update, and support Customers using the product.
Discover icoone® World: Our Customer support
icoone® offers a whole world of online support tools that will help you manage and organize your business. The icoone world is made up of a web platform for distributors and an app for centres.

icoone® World Distributors Platform main characteristics:

Is the perfect tool to manage your icoone® marketing and training activities, to manage your warranties, to manage your consumables and spare parts orders and much more!

e-Learning Platform

Learn all there is to know about icoone® and the exclusive patented Roboderm® technology through the e-learning platform. icoone® will have no secrets for you!

Marketing Material

You will have access to images, brochures, posters and all the marketing material you might need to promote icoone® and make your business reach new heights!

Warranty Activation

Easily activate your warranties online and store your centers and devices info automatically.


Purchase your spare parts and consumables on the icoone® WORLD e-shop. Order more easily, receive your products faster and take advantage of having a smooth running icoone® business.


Receive news and tips directly from the manufacturer and share your own news with your centres. Make your communication run smoothly!

icoone® World Centers app main characteristics:

icoone® WORLD is the new tablet app for icoone® centres that allows to manage your centre and to support your icoone® business in an easy and fun way! The app will soon be available for you to download it.

Scientific Support

As soon as doubts arise, you will not be left alone! Our scientific team will always be available to answer your questions and give you aids about the use of icoone® and its treatments.

icoone® e-Learning Videos

Refresh your knowledge through the icoone® e-learning videos and gain new expertise thanks to the monthly updated exclusive video protocols. A whole new world of treatments that will boost up your business and clients’ satisfaction!

News, Marketing Material and Tips

Get news and tips about the use of icoone® directly from the manufacturer. The easiest way to be always up-to-date! Also get printable marketing material to advertise the icoone® treatments you offer.

Centre Management

Enter your centre info, your treatments you offer and your employees’ data and keep track of your business activities. You will also be able to keep track of your clients’ data and improvements through personal sheets and pictures that will test their improvement!

Agenda and Bookings

Book new appointments and automatically send an e-mail to your client so that they will keep track of their scheduled appointments and be always on time!