icoone®: Expect the Unexpected

icoone® is the definitive and innovative solution for a natural and gentle facial and body treatment that gives amazing results even for problematic skins, thanks to its painless and non-invasive technology.

Today icoone has two different models: icoone Beauty® and icoone® LASER, both available in wellness – for beauty applications - and healthcare version - for medical applications. icoone is equipped with a range of pre-set programs specific for each application.

Wellbeing and Beauty

icoone® beauty for the treatment of skin problems on the face and body

The efficacy and safety of mechanical massage devices have been scientifically proven by numerous studies worldwide. icoone® BEAUTY goes further with a new generation of Independent Motorized Rollers involving Roboderm® patented technology.

Rollers deliver inward, outward, forward and backward rotations providing multiple skin stimulation depending on the desired objectives. This mechanical action is completed by fractionated skin fitness generated through the arrays of micro holes designed on the surface of rollers (Roboderm®) that perfectly work out the micro vacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue. These complementary mechanisms of action offer a gentle yet efficient skin stimulation for improving the appearance of cellulite while reducing body contouring.

This innovative patented technology intensively works on each millimeter of the skin. It reactivates blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates fibroblasts and offers more efficient, faster and safer skin treatments than traditional mechanically assisted rollers alone.

icoone® BEAUTY is also available in healthcare version for medical applications and in wellness version for aesthetic applications.

Medical and Aesthetic

icoone® laser non-invasive medical treatments of  the connective tissue

icoone® LASER offers an exclusive combination of non-invasive body shaping technologies: two independent motorized rollers, 915 nm Laser, 650 nm LED.

The 915 nm wave diode laser has been clinically shown to penetrate into tissue and absorbed by lipids, creating a thermal effect that softens the fat within the adipocytes.

The 650 nm LED light modifies the permeability of fat cell membrane, allowing the fat treated from the 915 nm laser to move into the interstitial space.

The mechanical action delivered by the two Independent Motorized Rollers facilitates the movement of fat toward and into the lymphatic system, increases blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage.

The fractionated skin fitness generated through the arrays of micro holes on the surface of rollers induces Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (Roboderm®) to perfectly work out the micro vacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue. The two Independent Motorized Rollers gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation according to the types of tissue. This unique and unequalled mechanism of action, that combines specific rotation with 1180 micro skin stimulations per dm², induces major physiological effects to rehabilitate and enhance cells natural functions. It gently yet intensively conditions skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, enhance blood and lymphatic flows and reactivate lipolysis. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production to rapidly smooth and firm the skin.

icoone® LASER is available in wellness version fort beauty centres and Spas with a low power 0,5 W Laser and in healthcare version for medical centres and clinics with a 1W power laser.