icoone® treats the infinitely small with infinitely great success

icoone® treatments are for everyone — men and women alike, young and old — looking for ways to improve and enhance their wellness and beauty.

icoone® is the definitive and innovative solution for a “natural” and gentle facial and body treatment that gives amazing results even for problem skins, thanks to the painless and non-invasive technology utilized.

Unlike all other technologies, icoone® gives the skin and the dermis a genuine 'workout' and can be used to treat the whole body, including the most delicate areas (like the eyes, bust, neck, inner arms, inner thighs), with no pain whatever, and giving a sensation of wellness and relaxation.

icoone® technology is 100% natural and has no adverse effects, just like a manual massage. icoone® treatments can be combined with other treatments or therapies to speed up the conditioning or healing process and achieve the desired results that much quicker.

The icoone® experience — totally customizable — can be tailored to meet specific targets and to suit individual needs and preferences.

The movements and the application of the treatment are especially simple and intuitive, as well as pleasurable and relaxing.

Natural and gentle facial and body treatment